Unlock spare capacity from the workforce

  • Stress-test your workforce plans
  • Foresee shortfalls in delivery capacity as careers develop – in time to take action
  • Visualise and prove how to unlock spare capacity from the workforce
  • Evidence how your initiatives are covered by the workforce budget

Safeguard staff budget

  • Strip out and reallocate staff initiatives and costs that aren’t going to impact your KPIs – and expose the impact of cuts that will
  • Safeguard against voiding being charged with achieving the unachievable

De-risk growth plans

  • Foresee where your training and promotion norms will leave the organisation short of key skills – in time to change them, at no cost
  • Understand how seniority ratios and staff maturity profiles will change as the organisation grows – and test out the policies to keep them in balance
  • Assure delivery capacity and service quality through growth – before it hits your revenue
  • Demonstrate the need for staff funding in order to enable tomorrow’s organisational goals

Assuring organisational transition and sustainability

  • Assure the performance of your workforce through periods of growth, retrenchment and workforce change
  • Demonstrate how staff structures need to change through a transition phase
  • Avoid shortfalls in performance through transition – while you still have time
  • Minimise the need for destructive organisational change
  • Visualise and share how workforce structure and skills will need to develop to support the organisational change: what, where, when, and how much.
  • A clear, shared plan for transition

Assure new operating models
and technology migration

  • You can’t start afresh with a new organisation. But you can’t deliver tomorrow’s business with today’s workforce. So uncover how can you get from one to the other
  • Stress-test your workforce design against future demand, technology and team structures.
  • Uncover and evaluate the risks in new operating models – technology-driven, acquisition, restructuring.
  • Get advance visibility of the workforce initiatives you need to keep the workforce delivering in time

Uncover the hidden costs in corporate acquisitions

  • Evidence the requirements for the workforce in order to meet acquisition objectives
  • Reveal where the combined workforce will constrain success
  • Evidence the need for additional investment that is not in the business plan

Spearhead new
HRMS/ ERP accounts

  • Appeal directly to the customer’s Board agenda – and cascade the systems afterwards
  • Quantify and prove where significant savings are to be had for an HRMS customer
  • Establish the RoI – in your customer’s own terms – of a deployment that will address forthcoming staff or skill shortages

Futura SalesForce edition

Futura comes ready to work on your SalesForce platform, using your own Workforce data and SalesForce user authentication.

Futura HRMS-integrated edition

Futura can be integrated seamlessly into your HRMS.

Futura Standalone edition

Futura just works, right out of the Cloud.

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