With Futura Workforce, you can prove how your workforce initiatives will affect you organisation’s performance.

  • No need for analytical teams to create bespoke manpower models.
  • No need to wait until it’s too late to see the scenarios you need to justify action.
  • No dependence on specialist staff to extend or adapt a manpower model.

FORESEE future performance gaps

Visually articulate the performance challenge ahead of the organisation.

Focus clearly on how the workforce needs to develop and why.

UNLOCK free performance from a finite workforce

Reveal the factors that will stop you achieving your targets.

Foresee how you can close your Performance gap, by taking decisions in time.

COMMUNICATE options compellingly

Have a clear map of how to reach your goal, and what your key metrics need to look like each step of the way.

Demonstrate and evidence your revised strategy.

Compellingly share alternative futures and what needs to happen to achieve them.

On SalesForce, in your HMRS or straight from your browser. It’s your choice.

Futura SalesForce edition

Integration costs are so yesteryear.

Futura comes ready to work on your SaleForce platform, drawing on your own workforce data and accessed through your SalesForce user authentication.

Futura HRMS-integrated edition

The Futura engine can be integrated right into your Human Resource Management System (HRMS).

  • Use the Futura API to set up a workforce, test out where it’s going to meet your targets and where it’s not, and ask ‘what if?’, all from within your own system.
  • Alternatively, ask us about creating a bespoke plug-in for you, integrating our unique capability into your system.

Futura Standalone edition

Futura just works, right out of the Cloud.

From data management through what-if simulation to sharing your projections and conclusions, Futura Cloud makes it easy to deploy, collaborate and scale — whenever you are, and however you hold your HR data.

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