Futura equips complex organisations to unlock greater performance from their workforces.

We develop and license a unique Cloud-based product that applies predictive technology to optimise your workforce.

Our solution integrates into your existing HR Information System.

Using Futura, you can foresee, quantify and demonstrate how to unlock spare performance from your own workforce.

The result is measured in increased delivery capacity and reduced staffing costs.

Unlock spare capacity from the workforce.

Futura lets you stress-test your workforce plans, visualising how you can unlock spare capacity despite budgetary restrictions.

Safeguard staff budget.

Futura lets you strip out and reallocate staff initiatives and costs that aren’t going to impact your KPIs – and expose the impact of cuts that will.

De-risk growth plans.

Futura informs your decisions with validated evidence and auditable assumptions.
Select, implement and prove workforce mitigation strategies in time to take action.


Futura SalesForce edition

Futura comes ready to work on your SalesForce platform, using your own Workforce data and SalesForce user authentication.

Futura HRMS-integrated edition

Futura can be integrated seamlessly into your HRMS.

Futura Standalone edition

Futura just works, right out of the Cloud.


Define your workforce quickly and easily

  • Inform decisions with high-level or partial data while time is on your side
  • Visualise how the shape and structure of your workforce will evolve
  • Get insights from loosely structured workforce requirements

Discover and optimise your future workforce

  • Futura gives you the hindsight to demonstrate how your workforce initiatives can support your corporate plans.
  • It lets you visualise how strategic decisions will impact tomorrow’s workforce.
  • And it lets you de-risk – and evidence – your workforce plans.

Collaborate and communicate

  • Enable who you want, to do what you want.
  • Keep filing and paperwork to a minimum.
  • Share your thinking around the team.
  • Export freely to colleagues and partners.

Scale, effortlessly and securely

  • Plan your organisation from the top down, for rapid results
  • Roll out from one division or region to the global level – but only once you’re ready.
  • Futura works at the level you need – yet enables you to expand your scope later.

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